Speech Therapy & Speech Science

 The science of speech has so advanced our practice that no child need to stutter,       be unintelligible or unable to communicate.                                                                    


Our technology provides measurement capacity never before possible.  Services provided entail an analysis of speech motor control, which lies at the basis of each word and syllable from the early stages of babbling to complex utterances of the pre-school child.

Speech Motor Control

Speech Motor Training (SMT) directed by research and development in the field of speech science, is a methodology which provides efficient and quantitative intervention. Designed to support apraxia, delayed speech development and mild to severe unintelligibility.

Auditory Motor Training (AMT) supports the processing of spoken language with systematic and acoustic control of the sound signal.  Method is effective for treatment of Autistic Spectrum Disorders which present with "neurological deafness."    Please see our services page for more information.


Evalulation & Treatment

Acoustical Analyses

 "Speech is movement made audible"