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Maureen Casper, Ph.D.-SLP is a speech scientist and licensed speech and language pathologist.  Dr. Casper received her PH.D. in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the Graduate Center of the The City University of New York and completed her research training at Mt. Sinai Hospital in the department of Movement Disorders where she described the movement disorder of cerebellar ataxia using magnetic resonance imaging and acoustical analyses.

Publications and presentations include: Differential Diagnosis and Pediatric Care of Neurodevelopmental Disorders, 2nd Global Congress for Consensus in Pediatrics and Child Health, Moscow, Russia , 2012; Paris, France, 2011. Method and System for Tracking Neurodevelopmental Disorders, American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference, Washington, D.C. 2009.  Awarded "Moving Science and Research into the 21st Century" by the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association. She is currently in private practice/agency for treatment of pre-school through adolescence.


Services for children ages 3-5 years may be provided at no cost to parents when considered part of pre-school special education plan. The Committee of Pre-school Special Education referrals are covered by Westchester County Department of Health contracted agency: 

Rye Child and Adolescent Center for Speech, Language and Literacy


Maureen Casper, Ph.D.-SLP

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Services for children of school age 5-18 years may be covered under medical insurance. Insurance carriers vary as to which services are compensated.